Quantum process tomography and Lindblad estimation of a solid-state qubit

New Journal of Physics 8, 33 (2006)

M Howard, J Twamley, C Wittmann, T Gaebel, F Jelezko, J Wrachtrup

We present an example of quantum process tomography (QPT) performed on a single solid-state qubit. The qubit used is two energy levels of the triplet state in the nitrogen vacancy defect in diamond. QPT is applied to a qubit which has been allowed to decohere for three different time periods. In each case, the process is found in terms of the χ matrix representation and the affine map representation. The discrepancy between experimentally estimated process and the closest physically valid process is noted. The results of QPT performed after three different decoherence times are used to find the error generators, or Lindblad operators, for the system, using the technique introduced by Boulant et al (2003 Phys. Rev. A 67 042322).

Mark Howard